Fantasy Fleeces

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Whenever a trade is made…Wherever a Free Agent signs….Someone gets fleeced.  And while our main focus here at is to analyze MLB transactions and predict the winners and losers of those transactions, we also take great joy in a new American pastime: Fantasy Fleecing.   That’s right….the art of absolutely fleecing someone in a fantasy trade.  

So on this page, we welcome you to submit any fantasy sports trade that’s on your mind, baseball or otherwise.  We will then post our opinion of the trade on the main page.  Whether you want us to act as arbitrators or just give you a 3rd party opinion on the trade, we will do so.   We will let you know who got FLEECED!!


3 Responses

  1. Point per catch league…standard scoring otherwise.

    Guy traded Steven Jackson for Derek Anderson straight up. I thought it was a little on-sided, but the guy getting Anderson has Rivers at QB and needs more production from him.

  2. First question, nice! Well, while Derek Anderson has certainly been a pleasant fantasy surprise (he went undrafted in most leagues), he still only ranks 9th in the NFL in passing yards and 4th in passing TD’s. And while those stats certainly get a boost assuming your league awards 6 points per passing TD, I just don’t see how they compare with the “upside” of S-Jax, who carried so many teams into the playoffs (and to titles) last season. This guy was a top-2 pick in PPC leagues for a reason. Granted, the Rams’ offense isn’t what it used to be right now, but I’ll take the stud RB over an above-average fantasy QB any day of the week.

    You have to ask yourself what you have in your lineup to replace the piece you are trading away? More than likely, the team trading Anderson has much less of a drop-off at QB than what he is gaining at the RB position with Jackson. In his last 2 games, Jackson has had over 25 touches (including 9 catches). He is clearly coming back to good health, and I expect a finish closer to what we all expected on draft day.

    So, in closing, I’d tell the former owner of Derek Anderson to go purchase a nice new fleece, wrap it up in a nice gift box with wrapping paper and a bow, and put it under his trade partners X-mas tree! S-Jax wins out in the deal…

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