Mets Trying to Fleece A’s


Courtesy of Ken Rosenthal, we learn that the New York Mets are desperately trying to acquire a top notch starting pitcher but are falling short because they simply don’t have the chips to acquire one.

Sensing that they have little shot at Twins ace Johan Santana unless they include star shortstop Jose Reyes in a deal, Rosenthal reports the Mets are taking a “preemptive” strike at Oakland A’s starters Dan Haren and Joe Blanton by offering falling prospects Lastings Milledge (OF) and Aaaron Heilman (SP), among others.  (By the way, can we stop calling Heilman a prospect?  He’s almost 30.  He’s a setup guy, plain and simple).

A’s general manager Billy Beane appears to be scoffing at such a blatant fleece attempt, even though he tried to acquire both players for Barry Zito in the summer of 2006.   Both of the prospects mentioned – as well as other Met prospects like Mike Pelfrey and Philip Humber – have seen their trade value plummet in the last few years.  At the same time, the A’s have seen their need for outfield help like Milledge diminish with the emergence of Nick Swisher and Travis Buck.

Rosenthal even reports that’s one A’s source mentioned the Mets made an offer for Dan Haren that “seemed more suitable for Blanton,” suggesting the Mets are out to fleece. 

It looks like the Mets will have to include their top prospect, outfielder Carlos Gomez, in any deal.  But even then, their offers may be more “lamb” than lion.  Happy Fleecing, Omar.


2 Responses

  1. Yeah, the Mets aren’t getting Santana or Haren. I do however see them possibly getting fleeced by Beane for Joe Blanton. Or stupid Omar will sign Livan! ha

  2. HAHA Mets got Santana…pie in everyone’s face!

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