Rays and Twins Complete Trade


The Star Tribune is reporting that the Twins are close to acquiring Delmon Young for Matt Garza. These two seem to be the principles in the deal, although, the deal is rumored to include 6 players.

The rest of the deal breaks down as follows: Jason Bartlett and Juan Rincon (steroid cheat) to the Rays and SS Brendan Harris and OF Jason Pridie to the Twins.

I like the Rays side of this deal. They have an abundance of OF talent and lack the SP to go along with their offense. In this deal, they get a #2-type SP, a legit set-up man and a very good defensive SS with some offensive spunk. They get rid of the headache that was Young in the process.

Update: It’s official. Tampa Bay gets SP Matt Garza, INF Brendan Harris, and OF Jason Pridie. Headed to Minnesota are OF Delmon Young, SS Jason Bartlett RP Eduardo Morlan.


8 Responses

  1. I like this deal more for the Twins. Garza was good and all, but Young could be a superstar. Just what the Twins need with the exits of Hunter and Santana (likely)… a face to maybe build the franchise around. Not in year #1, but maybe after that… Young was a top BA prospect.

  2. plus pirdie can play cf for them. they fleeced tb.

  3. This would be a sweet move for Minnesota. Although, if you slot Garza behind Kazmir, TB is not looking to shabby here either.

  4. […] Devil Rays have been active today, as they have also been rumored to be on the verge of acquiring SP Matt Garza (among others) for OF Delmon […]

  5. It is quite possible that this deal is being done to appease Santana as well as Nathan. The Twins still have a solid pitching farm system but they need Santana’s exp. and a closer for anything to work.

    There will be mutiny in MN as the Twins raised ticked prices, got their new Stadium Deal (through Taxing the entire county if they aren’t able to “rebuild” the team quickly for the new park.

  6. Of all guys in baseball, I think Delmon Young might be the last guy I would build a team around. He has proven to be a headcase time and time again. He is also a hacker of the highest form…I like the Rays side.

    They improved their rotation, bullpen, added a nice SS and dealt from a position of wealth.

  7. This coming from the guy who loves Milledge, interesting ball.

  8. Milledge is not a guy I would build a team around.

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