D-Train to the D-Backs?

Nick Piecoro of azcentral.com reports that the Arizona Diamondbacks may look to acquire Dontrelle Willis later this offseason.

Piecoro points out that a primary D’Backs need is a starter to slot in behind ace Brandon Webb.   And although the club has plenty of young stars to acquire Johan Santana, Erik Bedard or Dan Haren, they most likely will not trade away Justin Upton, Chris Young, Mark Reynolds or Stephen Drew as they continue to build up a solid foundation that can compete in the present.

Enter a Dontrelle Willis – a second tier pitcher available via trade this winter.   Piecoro speculates the D’Backs could eventually engage the Marlins by using outfielders Carlos Quentin and/or Carlos Gonzalez.  It seems a logical fit to me, although given the trade demands for pitchers this year, I’d imagine it would take more to land Willis even though he is coming off a down year.

The Diamondbacks have also been rumored to be in on a possible Haren or Blanton trade as well.


2 Responses

  1. Yeah, I’d imagine this would take at least Reynolds (to slot in for Cabrera) and Quentin. Maybe even a decent, but not great, pitching prospect. I only say that b/c the Marlins seem intent on fleecting people for Willis.

  2. gumballs

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